The Coronavirus Outbreak is Possibly All We Ever Needed in 2020

If you ask me, I will say it with my chest that the coronavirus outbreak is the best thing that happened to the world in 2020. Now, I can already sense you making a face of disapproval to this statement, I get it. From birth, we have all been programmed to focus on how certain situations affect our lives negatively, it’s not easy to see past it and see the blessings hiding in disguise.

I will never forget the great time we had on social media when coronavirus first surfaced, the memes were hilarious, until they weren’t. We have been on lockdown since March and that’s when everything started getting real and scary. Everyone’s plans got ruined this year — trips got cancelled, jobs were lost and our mental health has been spiraling out of control from being stuck in the house all day, every day and just not being sure about anything. However, when you take a step back and look at this with a different lens you will come to realize that there’s good that came out of this whole pandemic, which we are still very deep in.

If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 outbreak, world issues happening all around the world wouldn’t have been brought to our awareness. This has been a big trend on social media for the last couple of months. For once, we aren’t focusing on which celebrity snuck out with who, pressured to have fun and crying over trips we cannot afford going to. Nowadays, what makes you a cool person is posting and reposting as much as you can about what is happening in the world and how everyone can pitch in and help.

Most of these world issues that have been brought to our attention aren’t issues that just started happening now, it’s things that have been swept under the carpet for so long because nobody cared enough to talk about them and educate everyone else. From people getting deprived of their human rights to people we trust (or supposed to trust) being exposed, it’s been a year of revelations if anything.

COVID-19, in partnership with social media, has played a huge role in uniting us. For once, it seems as though we all want the best for everyone in the world. We now know about people still being enslaved in Libya, we know how poverty-stricken Yemen is, we know about the bombing in Lebanon, we know that South Africa is the rape capital country of the world, we know that people in Zimbabwe have their human rights taken away from them and we know that USA is possibly the capital country for racism. All of this and more had been brought to light because of COVID-19.

Since lockdown started, we have been left with nothing to post as we used to do pre-COVID so our focus drastically shifted from showing off to sharing information and talking about world issues. What’s more beautiful is that even if you choose to ignore it and not share, this information will haunt you until you give in and educate yourself on what is actually going on. What a time to be alive. Who would’ve thought?

Is it a coincidence that all of this is happening now? Absolutely not. Think about the wildfires that broke out in December in Australia. If your memory is as clear as mine, then you remember very well how no one was invested in that. It was in the news, yes, we were very aware of what was happening, but no one seemed to care enough because we were all just so busy living our best lives. For years now, we haven’t cared about matters that didn’t directly affect us but now we do. Now that’s all we want to do — educate ourselves and others on social media. Love to see it.

But wait, there’s more… Us raising these issues has also impacted influencers and brands. After George Floyd’s passing, brands took a stand with black people and those that didn’t were called out on it. Not only that, those that did, also got called out for it if they weren’t being completely honest. Yet another beautiful sight to see, influencers and brands getting cancelled for not supporting black lives.

I say let’s keep going. This is beautiful. By the time a vaccine has been found and made available to everyone, we would’ve done so much to change the world for the better. It all starts with just one person sharing and you can be that one person who helps bring awareness. Protest, sign petitions and share again. We still have a chance to fix the world and save lives and this is all possible if we just keep going. Thank COVID-19 while you are at it, keep your distance, wear a mask, drink herbal tea daily and stay safe. We are going to be alright.



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Mbalenhle K

Mbalenhle K


I spend too much time on social media then come here to talk about what I have collected