How to Sell Yourself on Social Media

In this day and age, there is content on just about anything you could possibly think of. Creating content and publishing it has been made so easy that anyone with a device that has internet can access it. The only tricky part is actually standing out as a creator, in order to gain loyal clients for your brand, your targeted audience should consider you trustworthy just from a brief glance on your social media pages and what I am about to give you are the 6 most important things to work on to get the recognition you want…

1 | Have a social media presence

There is no use in having social media accounts when you aren’t even that active. To attract clients and customers you have to show them that you are available. Post on your pages as regularly as possible, don’t go more than 5 days without posting something on them. Post anything and everything that will spark the interest of your audience — show them some behind-the-scene footage, share some useful tips, post some fun facts about yourself and/or your brand. You want to be all up in their faces but with important and relevant content.

2 | Have a clear bio of what you do

Tell people what you are all about. Make it short and simple but with all the necessary information they would need because a potential client will not go through the trouble of shooting you a DM or an email just to clarify what you do, the only reason they should be contacting you is to tell you that they would like to work with you or buy from you. Do not forget to add a relevant link in your bio/profile so that people can easily access your work.

3 | Invest in a phone with good camera quality or a camera itself

Photos play such a huge role in attracting people. Imagine you land on someone’s page and their bio is telling you that they are everything you need but you scroll down to their photos on Instagram and it’s nothing but blurry pictures with too much vignette added on them. There is absolutely no way you are staying there or even hitting that ‘Follow’ button. As you already know, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ so make it your priority to make them look as appealing as you can.

4 | Preferably use the same filter for all your photos

Decide on what you what your theme to be and stick to it, this tip applies more to Instagram. Make your page stand out by editing all your pictures with one filter or preset, whichever filter you decide on has to somewhat reflect your brand. If you are a traveller, you might consider having a very bright and saturated theme and if you are a photographer, you might consider having a dark and cinematic feel to your page. You can create your own presets through Lightroom, use an app for filters or purchase the presets from Etsy or Creative Market.

5 | Show your personality

People want to get to know you, they want to see the mastermind behind all that work so that they know that you aren’t a robotic machine. Post pictures of yourself doing what you like doing in your spare time and share why you like doing it, post your morning routine, show us your family, just give us something that makes you human too. People love relating to others and getting to know them, even if they are strangers so show them who you are.

6 | Be discoverable

Do not set your page to ‘Private’ because how else will potential clients know about you? Your page needs to be as optimized as it can be. Also, in that way, your supportive friends and loyal clients can easily share your content so that the next person can reach you too.

That’s pretty much it. The most important advice I can give you, which you should keep in mind all day and everyday, is that you have to be consistent. Consistency will help you reach your goals and gain traffic where you need it. Don’t sleep on yourself, get the work done and make yourself proud.



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Mbalenhle K

Mbalenhle K


I spend too much time on social media then come here to talk about what I have collected